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It is OK to go into your cave

Over the last few months I have been working through some things on a personal level and I feel that it is important as a healer that I share these with you. Often we see a very limited view of what is going on in someone else's life especially through the eyes of...

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Interview with Emma Holmes Founder of Coaching Rockstars

Emma has a wealth of experience in helping heart-centred, soulful entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and build ridiculously big businesses, and supported them to launch online products and programmes to increase their reach and income even further. She has...

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Meditation for Inspiration

Meditation is a wonderful way of clearing the mind and a chance to connect with your own divine spirit. I am not talking about God or Angels or The Universe I am talking about your own spirit. The one you were born with, the one that is with you every day of your life...

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