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Interview with Emma Holmes Founder of Coaching Rockstars

Emma has a wealth of experience in helping heart-centred, soulful entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and build ridiculously big businesses, and supported them to launch online products and programmes to increase their reach and income even further. She has...

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Meditation for Inspiration

Meditation is a wonderful way of clearing the mind and a chance to connect with your own divine spirit. I am not talking about God or Angels or The Universe I am talking about your own spirit. The one you were born with, the one that is with you every day of your life...

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You get what you wish for. Right?!

I talk to a lot of my clients and students about Manifesting and the different techniques that you can use. However before you even think about the techniques you are going to use, you need to make sure that what you are asking for is Specific enough.  Asking the...

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Kundalini Yoga is so awesome!

I was fortunate enough to take part in a Kundalini Yoga Retreat a couple of weekends ago in Sheffield, not far for me to travel as it is my home town so it meant that I could go home at night and chill out with my dog rather than staying in a hotel room. Having never...

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What the bleep is smudging?

I am sure that you have heard of the Ancient art of Smudging or read about it when you have been browsing around on your internet searches. So what is smudging?  Smudging is said to date back to the Native Americans. They performed a ritual of cleansing themselves and...

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