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Crystal Healing with Reiki in Sheffield

Crystal healing relies on the belief that a person is a complex interaction of energy. It focuses on removing energy imbalances or blocks from the subtle energies of the body – usually known as the aura.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

  • It balances the energy in the body on physical, mental and emotional levels
  • Circulation is increased
  • The lymphatic system is boosted therefore improving immunity and removal of toxins
  • Pain can be relieved as the body becomes more balanced
  • The nervous system is stimulated and soothed
  • Aids for a restful sleep
  • Tension is released


A Crystal Healing with Reiki Session including consultation in my gorgeous therapy room in Sheffield is £40.00

At the end of the session I will talk to you about which crystals I intuitively picked and why these were chosen for you. You will be able to take this away with you.

Crystals belong to the mineral kingdom which receives its life force energy from the sun and from other planetary sources. Stones are living entities in a spiritual or energetic sense if not in a biological sense. They emit powerful vibrations and frequencies that can affect our whole being. They can balance and attune the body, mind and spirit.

When the flow of prana (energy) becomes blocked, disharmony is caused between the body, mind and soul and a state of disharmony or disease follows. These blocks of energy are often caused by our modern stressful lifestyle, bad diet, lack of natural light and negative thoughts.

Energy is received through the chakras so by placing appropriate crystals that I pick intuitively on the chakras we can bring about balance within the body and mind.

In your Crystal Healing session I will use a crystal pendulum to check the balance and state of the chakras or to restore balance to the chakras. I will also use crystal wands to cleanse the aura or subtle bodies.

Crystal healing

To Book please call Jackie on Tel: 07736 302824 or complete the form 





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