So I took my car for its MOT a couple of weeks ago.  Clearly when I took it in I was wearing my rose-tinted spectacles that day, for when they presented me with a bill for £260 before they would pass it I was like WHOA!!! What’s going on?!
I said a few expletives and grumbled and groaned after all I am human. I then parted with the money very begrudgingly.
After already waiting for an hour and half, I now had another hour and half to wait while they went to fetch the said 4 tyres. Did I mention that was what it had failed on? I needed 4 new tyres. 

Anyway I sank down into the waiting room chair and started to read a book on my kindle which just happened to be Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield. She was talking about some of the crap things that have happened to her and she said she had car accidents and she – I quote “Thanked The Universe for the ‘wake up call’ to pay more attention or get a safer car.

It made me stop and think right there and then, I knew two of my tyres were very worn but did I do anything about it? Nope. One tyre was even flat when I drove it into the garage.

So I thought you know what lets turn this around. I started to thank The Universe for making me safe in all the bad ice and snow that we had. Which to be fair if your tyres are pretty crappy that could be very dangerous. I realised that my lesson here was to pay more attention. I could easily have replaced the tyres when I knew how bad they were but I didn’t. I ignored the signs. So The Universe gave me double whammy and made me buy all four together!

I also had a great laugh with the guy behind the desk and one of the customers who was also waiting for his MOT – that also failed too!

ITs only 4 new tyres

Let me tell you the next time I know one of my tyres is on the way out I will replace it straight away. I was a very lucky bitch – in the words of Denise Duffield.

I know it would have been nice to spend £260 on a new dress or shoes or something pretty for me to look at in  the house. I mean it’s not like I can go outside and stare at my tyres and think how pretty they are. But hey what use would a new £260 dress have been if The Universe hadn’t kept me safe.

The moral of the story is to be grateful for the lessons sent to you and know that things could have been a lot worse.

Love & Light

Jackie x

p.s I do actually now look at my tyres in a new light and smile whenever I look at them