I’m Jackie Frith

Spiritual Life Coach

Your Journey to  Awesomeness

Helping you Create the Best Version of You

Empowering you to tune into your intuition, focus on Abundance and step into your amazing power whilst you gain clarity, focus and direction. 

Empowering Positivity Call

Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again? Same kind of partner, same kind of friends, same kind of bad luck? 


Do you feel a sense of disconnection from life, knowing there’s more out there in this world for you…but what?


You probably feel like you have ZERO focus and no idea of where you are going or even what you want!


Do you hold back from being the beautiful shining light you crave to be?✨✨✨


Have you read The Secret but still don’t get it? 


You yearn to follow a spiritual path and are curious to know more but have no idea where to start


Does Law of Attraction seem complicated to you? 


Everyone talks about Manifesting and getting focus and clarity – like… What the Actual Frig!!


 You want to be able to attract good things into your life but you tried that Law of Attraction stuff and well it just doesn’t work. Then you tell yourself “I’m not cut out for all this intention setting crap (well actually I am but I don’t get it!)”


Well I have great news for you, by  working with me – together we will create Magic in your life 

✨✨You will be brimming with power, passion and a sprinkle of sparkle dust ✨✨

The time spent with me will allow you to gain a real understanding on how Law of Attraction and leading a more Spiritual life will produce amazing things: 

✅ You will gain a clear understanding of how Magical the Law of Attraction is and how to implement radical proven techniques  that will have you racing full steam ahead.  

✅ Clarity, Focus and Direction is the name of the game 

✅ You want to be fully invested in your future, Right?

So What is it All About? 


Can you imagine, once we’ve had that chat how much lighter and brighter you feel from taking these first steps?


Once we’ve chatted, that spring in your step will ripple into all areas of your life – more than that you are going to have a deep level of clarity as to what you ACTUALLY want moving forwards and the beginning of your road map of what you’re going to do to get there


Obviously, you ain’t going to go from where you are right now to having a magic wand waved over you and everything being PERFECT, but I know that it’ll feel achievable, actionable and you’ll have the tools to support your journey


This my lovely will be YOUR unique journey,  BESPOKE to your needs as we dive into what is going on for you right NOW in the very moment




We work together on “Your Stuff” and we get to the real nitty gritty of how you would like your life to look and feel.
Law of Attraction is all about the FEELINGS - that important thing we often forget about
We jump on a video call which is super productive as it is just like being in the same room together. No need to be a techy as it is sooo easy. Or if you don't want video we can do a call or Skype
I will hold you by the hand and help you to grow and develop intuitively and become an awesome Manifester
Know that in me, I am your confidante, your go too person and someone who will kick your ass when needed.
Oh yeah did I mention the bit about my down to earth no shit attitude and ethos?

Why Work With Me?

I help empower women to tune into their intuition, step into their power and open up to their Spiritual gifts.

By enabling women to look within to discover their true spiritual and intuitive self through support and guidance, that allows them to shine like they have never shone before and taking that light to cascade into all areas of their life. Creating confidence, connection, harmony and happiness in all things.

I have been where you are now, wondering how I can ever connect to my Intuition and Higher Self. I have been on my Journey of Discovery since 2004 and I am still learning as we can never know all there is to know.

Teaching is my passion and where I shine the brightest and I have been lucky enough to teach some amazing people and set them forward onto their own Spiritual and Manifesting Road.

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I would say that by you being open about who you are, you breed trust in your abilities. You have a gift/skill to hit the nail on the head and make suggestions which were what I was thinking inside, but that I wasn’t expressing or listening to. You showed that trusting what messages/ideas/inspiration/instinct you have inside isn’t silly.  They should be listened to.  We should have the strength to believe in them and express who we are without fear of what others think. I’d actually written ‘raspberry copywriting’ on my pad when I was trying to come up with a business name, so you reinforcing that to me was backing up what I wasn’t allowing myself to listen to.  Im so glad I didn’t go with Communicate Copywriting as that’s really not me!

Claire Taylor

Freelance Copywriting, Raspberry Flamingo

Before I began my life coaching sessions with Jackie Frith, I was in a very dark, negative place. Jackie used her excellent coaching skills to listen, ask questions and clarify exactly what problems I was experiencing. She then offered lots of suggestions and ideas on how to overcome the problems and move my life forward. Jackie supported me to question, search, formulate and identify solutions that enabled me to move my life forward and get back on track. Jackie was without a doubt, absolutely amazing she helped me find the way forward and out of the rut I was stuck in. She empowered me and helped me believe in myself and gave me back my self respect. She also went the extra mile, emailing me resources, ebooks and relevant information. In just 4 short weeks Jackie provided me with the tools necessary to transform my life and achieve a quality and sense of well being that was previously absent from my life.
Jackie you gave me back my self respect and helped me emerge wiser and stronger than ever before. From the bottom of my heart thank you!

Donna Bartholomew

Thank you Jackie for an incredible 1 to 1 coaching session this evening. You helped me truly understand Law of Attraction and helped me so much by putting me on the right track. 
You solidified my understanding of Law of Attraction. I have learnt so much and have an exciting plan.  Looking forward to my next session.

Steve Miller

Celebrity Weightloss Expert, Fatnosis


I get that investing in this may be a scary thought for you as you may have never done anything like this before but I can assure you that if you are looking at this page and you have got this far down it then you are definitely on the right track. 


🔺Please Note that Empowering Positivity Calls are a one time only call, if you would like more calls then you can book onto my 3 Month Premium Package 


Do I have to pay upfront?
Yes you will need to pay for the call in advance 

Why is it limited to one call?
This is a one time Call Boost – to help you get clear and focused.  

What if I want more than 1 call?
You can then move onto my 3 Month Premium Package  where we go deeper into what you want to manifest and we put action plans and my proven manifesting techniques into place 

How can you pick up on my energy via video?
Energy is energy and we are all made up of energy. Just like distant reiki healing it works in the same way. When we are on the call I will be tuning into your energy field and working on releasing blocks at the same time.



Who is it For?

✔️You want to make a change in your life

✔️You are prepared to do the work

✔️You are READY to move forward

✔️You are excited about creating your future

✔️You are prepared to show up and take action

✔️You want to be a more positive person


Who it is not For? 

❌You are looking for a quick and easy way to make money

❌You are not invested in your future

❌You are not prepared to look at your life and see what may need changing

❌You are a Negative all the time

❌You moan a lot

❌You expect me to do the work for you

What Happens Next?

Once you have made the decision to book a call WELL DONE!! and you have paid then you will receive an email from me confirming your booking and we can arrange to get you booked in my lovely

Then it Truly is Time to Create some Magic 💕💕