What is coaching about?

Coaching is about supporting individuals to create clarity and realise the potential within themselves. A coach walks alongside the client through the journey that they are taking, helping to create manageable actions to move towards their overall goal. It aids getting from A-B perhaps quicker than you would on your own by asking pertinent questions and coaching models that have a certain amount of simplicity attached to them.

How will the sessions work?

To commence the coaching we would carry out an intake session where we would settle into the coaching relationship and talk about your goals.

The following sessions will follow a 6 part process:

Reviewing of the previous session actions
Talk about the overall goal and the manageable stepping stones that you could take to move you towards your overall goal.
Discuss the reality of the situation for you, surface the understanding of the deeper situation.
Consider all ideas and options, challenging your current way of thinking.
Shape the way forward and what you are going to commit to doing.
Conclusions from the session.
The sessions are 40min to 1hr in duration and are carried out face to face or over the phone/skype
What can I expect from coaching?

You can expect to be asked questions, you can expect to be listened to in a totally confidential and non-judgemental environment. You can expect to be challenged in your current way of thinking to find the paths that make you feel more congruent with aspects of your life. Fundamentally change the way of your current thinking about certain challenges. Locating unhelpful thought patterns and discovering a more resourceful state.

You can expect to discover manageable steps and agree some actions to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I am looking for someone to sort my problems out.

As a coach I do not sort out your problems for you. I believe that you have all the answers that you need and I assist by tapping into your internal resources to get you from the place that you are to where you would prefer to be.

What is your coaching philosophy for dealing with these types of issues?

My coaching philosophy overall is to support my clients, raise their awareness, create clarity and help them, reach their full potential within life. By taking a step by step approach and making things manageable they will make great progress and I will be there to encourage them and their responsibilities to their actions and allow them to be accountable to someone in a totally confidential and non judgmental arena.

My aim is to build in sustainability to their situation and not for this to be a quick fix.

When do I pay for the coaching sessions?

All coaching sessions need to be paid for in advance.

What if I need to cancel?

At least 48 hours notice is required for cancellations and we can then arrange another mutually convenient date.



A amazing lady and reiki teacher. Very supportive, patient and taught me so much . Definitely recommend and has become a lovely friend too.

Heidi Cooke


Absolutely fantastic course for Usui Reiki healing level one Attunement, had a complete life changing experience both physically and spiritually and am privileged to have such a skilled and professional also highly knowledgeable reiki master, would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take up this ancient traditional method of healing I've now completely lead a much better way of life and my crohn's will benefit from this as will anyone who requires effective healing. Definitely top master and teacher of usui reiki healing system.

Kevin Burke

I've recently completed my Level 1 Reiki attunement with Jackie and simply put; it was great! I can't wait to continue my Reiki journey with her and couldn't wish for anyone better

Mike Hague