Hi, this is Jackie from Jackiefrith.com. I wanted to share with you, my journey and how I got from where I was to what I’m doing now.

It really all started back in 2004. I was feeling… well let me just say at that point, I wasn’t spiritual in any way, shape or form, I didn’t really believe in anything. My sister was into angels and she had  some tarot readings and I remember thinking, oh no, that’s not for me. It sounds like a crock of s-h-i-t.

She would speak to me about it and I would kind of roll my eyes into the back of the head and just dismiss it, I had no interest whatsoever.

I do remember though, when I moved into the house that I’m in now which would I would probably be about 32 maybe a couple of years before I started on my spiritual journey. I remember waking up in the early hours of the morning and there was somebody stood at the bottom of my bed. I was like OMG who is this? I pulled covers over the my head and then looked again and she was still there. I

Closed my eyes and opened them again and yep she was still stood there. I still to this day don’t know who this woman was. She was dressed in night clothes and she was just stood profile on, just staring out of the window. It really freaked me out and I didn’t know what to think but again I just sort of dismissed it as one of those things.

Frequently, when I close my eyes I would get faces coming at me. Again, I had absolutely no idea what that was about and it wasn’t until I got on to my spiritual path that I realized that that is a sign of Clairvoyance – clear seeing. I never ever discussed it with anybody because I thought, if I tell somebody that when I close my eyes I see faces they’re going to lock me up for being insane, so I just didn’t say anything to anybody. Until I started on my spiritual journey, which I said started around about 2004.

At that point, I had a very good job, I was manager of American Express Travel in Sheffield, I had most things, good job, good salary, a lovely house, a nice car, but it just always felt as if there was something missing and I started to go through depression.

In May 2004 I was driving up to my sister’s in Carlisle and I had a new car, I not had it very long and I loved it, metallic blue, Peugeot 207 I loved it. I remember setting off from work and driving on the parkway and I kept getting the word accident in my head over and over again.

I was in the fast lane of the M6 and was probably doing like 70- 75 mile an hour, I’m not sure and I lost control. The police said that I had two blow outs, I don’t know whether it was that, because there had been some issues with the car. Anyway, I span over across the whole 3 lanes of then motorway and landed in a ditch. Not a scratch on me. No other car involved. Bear in mind this was a Friday night on the M6. My car was written off.

I think for me that was probably the start of my turning point, because it made me then think well somebody was looking out for me. You know, to have an accident on the M6 on a Friday night, and for me not to have a scratch on me, for no other car to be involved. I mean, spinning across the motorway from the fast lane all the way across and landing in a ditch; what are the chances of me not hitting another car or another car coming into me?

I then went more and more deeper into my depression. I was going out with a guy, we split up and I was drinking quite heavily maybe three, four bottles of wine a week.

One of the girls at work said to me, I know somebody who might be able to help you. She said let me take a piece of jewelry and I’ll give it to her and see what she can come up with. So, she took one of my rings and she came back the next week and said, Oh, she said this, this, this, this, this and this about you. And I’m like, what? from a ring, how did she get that? And I now know that its called psychometry, but at the time, I had never heard of it and I just thought, wow! if she can get this from a ring, what could she get if I saw her face to face? So, I went to see her. My friend said, you know she’s a white witch and I’m thinking, oh my God, this is so out of my comfort zone. I remember even when I was driving there to see her, I was upset I had got tears coming down my face because I just felt so desperate, so desolate, so out of sync with everything, just as if something was missing but I didn’t know what.

I went in to see this lady, she was dressed all in white and she was lovely. We had a drink, we were in the kitchen and I remember her telling me about how she’d manifested her dog and I just thought oh my gosh she’s a crackpot, what does she mean she manifested a dog? How can you manifest a dog? it just sounded bonkers to me.

Anyway, we went and sat down for the session and she started reading my palm. And she said, ooh you’re highly psychic. If you wanted to read Tarot cards you could if you wanted and I’m like, why would I want to read Tarot cards? And then she said, you’re very spiritual, highly spiritual. I’m like, I’m not, no I’m not. At that time, I associated spirituality with church and religion and I wasn’t religious. I’ve since found out obviously that spirituality and church are completely different things. Then she said her pièce de résistance, “you’re a victim of your own thoughts” I just thought How Rude!!  and she said, you know you bring about what you think about so when you’re thinking negatively, that’s when negative things happen in your life. And it was like bam, as if she had slapped me across the face.

She gave me a book to read, no idea what the book was, I can’t remember but I do know from that moment it changed my life completely. That’s when I started on my spiritual journey. I started to Googling spiritual things, and then I really got into angels and started working with the Angelic Kingdom. I then stumbled across Law of attraction because I was researching about positive thoughts, so I became very interested in that too. Slowly it become more and more prevalent in my life and in 2006, I did Reiki level one, Reiki level two and Indian head massage. I became a Reiki Master in 2013. I now have regular Reiki clients and I teach I too. I started running workshops on  Law of Attraction, How to read angel cards which I now run as an online course. My spiritual journey has kind of gone full circle really.

And you know I’m coming more into my own again and you know sometimes we struggle to find what our purpose is, what our calling is, what our meaning of life is and I think we try and maybe force it too much and try to control it. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and a lot of research and realized that often we just sometimes have to go with the flow a little bit more. Do what lights you up, do what makes you happy and then things will start to flow to you.

One of the main things that I’ve learned over the last few months and again, I’ve gone through some very, very low points in the last few months, things were happening that I have no idea why they were happening and I was questioning why they were happening and you know Why me? Why is it happening again? I then realized that these were lessons for me and about me. They were about me  connecting with my power and the source. It was about making decisions from the heart and my gut feeling. Being in tune with our heart chakra and the sacral chakra. Your sacral chakra is about emotions and is very much connected to the heart chakra. We need to stop listening to the head so much, because what I’ve been finding was that I was making decisions from my thoughts rather than from my feelings. Even though I was getting a gut feeling, I was ignoring it because I was listening to my head.

Something happened that made me make a decision to listen to what my gut feeling was telling me. What is my heart and what is my gut telling me? When I listened to that, I then made a decision that was the right decision for me and my values and I took my power back. I made the decision for me and no one else and if the other person didn’t like that decision, then that was okay.

I now help women to be able to start listening to their gut feelings and intuition; I enable them to get out of their heads and into their heart space. Once you start to trust your intuitive side and really listen to what its saying then your life will change in so many ways.

We work on your self-esteem, working on your self-respect and your self-worth because once you get that right, that’s when things will start to flow. You can write as many goals down as you want, you can say as many positive affirmations that you want, but if you don’t have self-worth and that self-belief, nothing is ever going to change. So basically what I’m saying to you is that, if you want to create the magic in your life, you’ve got to start with the heart and not the head. You have to start tuning into the heart, you’ve got to heal the heart and that’s the way that you will move forward.

My life is very different today than what it was in 2004, I was a manager, I had won awards for being top manager and top sales person. Things have changed rapidly, when I say rapidly, it feels like those thirteen years seems to have just gone very quickly.

If you’re wanting a spiritual kind of business, a spiritual kind of life, a heart centered life, then try not to control things too much, let things flow.

I’m doing things now that I didn’t think that I would be doing maybe a year ago or two years ago. I didn’t realize that my business was going to be going in the direction that it is. I’m a bit of a control freak you know and a perfectionist. I like to know what I’m doing and how this works and how that works. However now what I am doing is letting go of that control and allowing the Universe and  the angels to bring in the guidance for me and to bring in the opportunities for me to work with.

Keep tuned and watch this space, because I’m going to be introducing over the next few months some magical things into my business where I’ll be able to help you connect more to source, connect to your heart power and to connect with that gut feeling and to just recognize when things feel right  for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video as much as I have enjoyed sharing my journey with you.

I’d love to hear what you think, whether you agree with me, whether you don’t agree with me

Let us just be in a world where we all appreciate and respect other people’s views and other people’s way of working.

This is me Jackie Frith

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