Module 1 

  • Meet the Archangels
  • “The Four Clairs”
  • Choosing your cards
  • Preparing your cards before you use them
  • Looking after your Angel cards
  • Protection from Negative energy

Module 1 How to Read Angel Cards 

Module 2 

  • How to create an Angel Altar or Angel Space
  • Spiritual Meanings of Colour
  • Symbols and colours on Angel Cards
  • Top 10 Tips for reading Angel Cards
  • How to protect yourself when doing a reading
  • The difference between Angel Card Readings and a Tarot Reading
  • How you can use Psychometry in your readings
  • Archangel Michael cutting chord exercise
  • What are Chakras and how will this help in a reading
  • Card reading exercises

Module 2 How to Read Angel Cards

Module 3 

  • Signs from the Angels
  • Angel Affirmations
  • Preparation for a reading
  • Card reading and spreads
  • How to promote yourself and gain clients

Module 3 How to Read Angel Cards