Over the last few months I have been working through some things on a personal level and I feel that it is important as a healer that I share these with you.

Often we see a very limited view of what is going on in someone else’s life especially through the eyes of social media, however behind the scenes it is not always what it seems.

There are people who will air all of their negativity and dirty washing for the whole world to see but some of us prefer to do this in private.

A couple of months ago I hit a brick wall and had no idea which way to turn, I felt overwhelmed with work, I had put weight on and things just seemed to be going from bad to worse. It was like everything I touched just turned to crap!!
So I retreated into my woman cave..I pulled out of loads of groups on Facebook including coaching ones that I had paid a lot of money for. I unsubscribed from anything that was telling me how I should be doing this and that, you know the emails..follow this method and you will earn 6 figures in 6 months yada yada yada.

I just felt like my head was going to explode with all the information that was swimming around in it.

I was in the middle of launching my How To Read Angel Cards Online course and had stupidly decided to embark on a 5 day detox right in the middle of it!! Not the brightest of moves I can tell you

I was stressed as hell and could feel myself sinking further and further down and no real idea of how I was going to get out the other side.

The final thing that got me down was a well-being trip to Crete that I had been looking forward too got cancelled.

I decided that I just needed some time out for me, I had some Reiki healing, did some self healing and meditations and did not focus on any of my goals at all. I just went with the flow of life rather than trying to control everything and everyone around me.

Fast forward a couple of months and things couldn’t be more different I am feeling so much better and much more positive.

I sent a message to The Universe that I needed a break away somewhere and within a couple of days one popped into my inbox and I went to Morocco for 5 nights all expenses paid, it was amazing and met some fabulous people, it was just what my soul needed.

The reason that I am sharing this with you is just to say that it is OK to retreat into your woman/man cave when the need arises, you can get off the merry go round and take some time out.

I am now trying to live my life more on purpose and going with the flow rather than having loads of goals that need to be met as I do find this can overwhelm me. It doesn’t mean that I will never plan things again but it does mean that I will not drive myself insane by trying to complete something by a certain deadline or expect too much of myself.

I have to live with Fibromyalgia every day of my life and sometimes I have to realise that I do not work at the same speed as other people and that’s OK, I have to accept my limitations too. However what I have to stop doing is using it as an excuse for not doing something, we set our own limits on our capabilities.
I have been going back to the gym. I did another 5 day detox and lost half a stone and it has still kept off, I am being much more careful about what I eat and drink as this all has an affect on how we perform as people.

If you ever feel yourself in the same situation just know that you are not on your own even if you think you are. Even the people who look like they have their S**t together usually have some crisis going on in the background.
Work at your own pace and do what feels right and natural for you

Love & Light