You have to visualise what you want and then let it go!!

I have had lots of conversations with people over the last week who have been telling me that they are asking for something and they really desperately want it and then can’t understand why it’s not happening for them.

That’s because they are trying too damn hard!!

You have to visualise what it is that you want, believe 100% that you are going to receive it and then give it to the Universe to bring it to you. Then you need to STOP!!

If your every waking hour is focused on something and it is taking over your brain space – you know where you can’t think about anything else apart from this thing you are so desperate to have, then this in itself will block it from coming to you.
You are creating a feeling of lack because all you are focusing on his how desperately you need it so therefore you are dwelling in a vibration of lack.

So what do you need to do you ask?

Visualise what it is that you desire, get the feeling of it and taste it, smell it. Really create the vision as if you already have it. Then write it down and say Thank You for it.

Then heres the hard bit…..JUST LET IT GO!!!

Don’t keep dwelling on it and letting it take over your life . Once you let go and change your focus onto something else, you will be surprised what wondrous things will be brought into your life.

So what are you waiting for GO DO IT!!

Love & Light Jackie xx