online psychic development workshop 

The Magic Starts Here 🔮 

6 Weeks - 4 Modules - 6 Live Classes

Join other like minded women who want to explore their psychic abilities, supercharge their intuition and enhance their personal and busines life to the MAX!

Psychic Development the Simple Way 

Are you curious to know whether your are psychic or not?


Do you think about things and then they happen?


Have you been told you have the gift? 


Do you have an interest in Oracle Cards? 


Does the thought of being psychic feel overwhelming?


Well I have great news for you, by  working through this course with me – we will create that Magic Sparkle 🌟 in your life together 

✨✨You will be oozing clarity, intuition and have a glowing aura about you ✨✨

✅ You will gain a clear understanding of how to work with your intuitive and psychic abilities on a daily basis 

✅ We will debug the Myth that being psychic means you see ghosts and talk to dead people 

✅ Have fun and celebrate how wonderful it is to use your 6th sense 

 What do you get? 


Can you imagine stepping onto your psychic journey and knowing what a wonderful difference this is going to make to your life on every level 


That spring in your step will ripple into all areas of your life – more than that you are going to have a deep level of clarity as to what you ACTUALLY want moving forwards and how tuning into your intuition can help you get there much faster 


Obviously, you ain’t going to go from where you are right now to having a magic wand waved over you and everything being PERFECT, but I know that it’ll feel achievable, actionable and you’ll have the tools to support your journey


This my lovely will be YOUR unique journey and I am proud to be with you every step of the way 




Module 1 - Meditation

Meditation is the key to enhancing and opening up your psychic sense and intuitive side so we will be doing exercises to clear the 7 main chakras ready for the journey 

Module 2 - Spirit Guides and Archangels

This module is about building the connection with your guides and angels and we will be concentrating on how to with work them on a daily basis 

Module 3 - Divination

In this module we really get stuck into the different ways we can tap into our psychic ability by using various forms of divination incuding oracle cards, ribbons and crystals 

Module 4 - Practise makes Perfect

This module is all about practising what we have learnt so far and don’t worry about being perfect as that is not the aim. There will be the opportunity to pair up with the other women in the group to practise aswell as some live work too 

Live Classes and Q&A

Over the course of the 6 weeks I will be running either a live class or a live Q&A every week. They will be recorded so that you can catch them on replay if you miss one

6 Week Private Group

The course is purposely run over 6 weeks so that it gives you time to work through the 4 modules. There will be a Facebook group where the modules will be drip fed over the duration of the course.  


Why Work With Me?

I help women to develop their intuitive and psychic abilities to enhance their lives and business and to propel them forward using their awesome power.

I started on my journey as a complete non believer and a nay sayer and have now come full circle by sharing my knowledge and passion with women all over the world. 

Teaching is my passion and where I shine the brightest and I have been lucky enough to teach some amazing people and set them forward onto their own Spiritual Path. 

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Fabulous experience at Jackie’s psychic development workshop. Embracing intuition but also a friendly and down to earth approach making some very new concepts much easier to grasp. Can’t wait for the second session. Thanks Jackie

Carys Wynn-Mellor

I attended Jackie’s psychic development workshop in Sheffield as I was curious and wanted to explore any psychic abilities I had.
I found Jackie really friendly and down to earth.
We did various activities such as intuitive writing, card readings and guided meditation ( I particularly enjoyed this!). I really enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend going along to Jackie’s workshops

Diane Evans

Menopause Health Educator, Menopause it Matters

I attended Jackie’s psychic development workshop at the weekend and had a fantastic day. I was a little nervous at first but Jackie is so down to earth that she makes you feel at ease.

Jackie is a lovely teacher, so very patient and if you’re not sure about anything, she’ll take the time to explain things. It was lovely to be with like minded people and make new friends. Thoroughly recommended

Aimi Curtis



I get that investing in this may be a scary thought for you as you may have never done anything like this before but I can assure you that if you are looking at this page and you have got this far down it then you are definitely on the right track. 






Do I have to pay upfront?
Yes you will need to pay for the course either in one payment or over 3 months 

How long due I have access to the course for?
You have lifetime access to it and you can download all of the modules  

Where does the course take place ?
It is done in a private Facebook Group for the duration of the 6 week course. The group will remain but will not be active after the 6 weeks are finished 

What if I get behind in the modules?
There are 4 modules to be completed over the 6 weeks, if you fall behind during the 6 weeks that is absolutely fine as you can work through the modules at your own pace 



Who is it For?

✔️You want to make a change in your life

✔️You are prepared to do the work

✔️You are READY to move forward

✔️You are excited about working psychically 

✔️You are prepared to show up and take action

✔️You want to be a more positive person


Who it is not For? 

❌You are looking for a quick and easy way to start doing card readings professionally 

❌You are not prepared to put in the work 

❌You are not prepared to look at your life and see what may need changing

❌You are Negative all the time

❌You do want to support the rest of the group 

❌You expect me to do the work for you

What Happens Next?

Once you have made the decision to join this Awesome course – WELL DONE!! and you have paid in full or paid your first instalement then you will receive an email confirming your place and a link to be added to the private Facebook Group 

Then it Truly is Time to Create some Magic 💕💕