Intuitive Oracle Card Readings 

With Jackie Frith 

Phone Call or Video Call Readings Only 

Helping to Guide you Forward in Life

An Intuitive Guidance Reading with Jackie can help you to tap into your own unique Intuitive side and help you to control the Mind Chatter that gets in your way.

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Are you Feeling a bit stuck in your life right now?


Are you unsure which way your life is heading?


Do you have a decision to make but you are unsure of what direction to take?


Are you interested in Law of Attraction but no idea how to implement it into your life?


Would you like to know which Angel will be best for you to work with and connect with?


Are you still holding on to past hurts that need releasing?


Your head is all over the place and you have a habit of spinning that many plates it feels like your brain will just EXPLODE!!


Positive Benefits from an Intuitive Guidance Reading:

You will gain a positive insight into how you can move forward in your life


You will come away with suggestions and recommendations on what books to read and exercises to complete to help you to start to embrace the Law of Attraction and start to live the life you deserve to have


You will gain clarity on the direction that your life is heading


You will have an understanding of which Angel can help you to grow spiritually

Why Have a Reading With Me?

I love to help women gain clarity, focus and direction in their life and business and with my down to earth no nonsense attitude you will be given and shown ways of how to propel forward towards your goals and dreams.

I help empower women to tune into their intuition, step into their power and open up to their Spiritual gifts.

By enabling women to look within to discover their true spiritual and intuitive self through support and guidance, that allows them to shine like they have never shone before and taking that light to cascade into all areas of their life. Creating confidence, connection, harmony and happiness in all things.

I have been where you are now, wondering how I can ever connect to my Intuition and Higher Self. I have been on my Journey of Discovery since 2004 and I am still learning as we can never know all there is to know.

Teaching is my passion and where I shine the brightest and I have been lucky enough to teach some amazing people and set them forward onto their own Spiritual and Manifesting Road.


I started out with Jackie in 2014 – I was so stressed and unhappy! After meeting Jackie at a psychic fayre – she gave me a really intuitive reading- she also sorted out my anxiety and introduced me to Angels. I wasn’t sleeping and she took the time to calm me and send me away with healing strategies and advice.

I did the Angel Card Workshop in 2015 with Jackie- and have never looked back since.

She truly is inspirational – and the Workshop really set me up with the skills and confidence I needed to explore my own spiritual journey and development further.

I would highly recommend the Angel Card Workshop- and am very grateful that I undertook it.

Thank you Jackie

Julie Bromilow

Distant Learning Tutor

Jackie is an incredible and inspirational lady who is passionate about what she does. Whist she is very spiritual and wise, she is also very grounded and down to earth. She is a great teacher and seems to understand the universal laws and well as she does how humans, however spiritual, need to operate in the real world. In the Law of Attraction work I have done with Jackie, I found this to be transformational. As a one to one, she really would take you places! She is super positive and fun, but will also give you a directional push of motivation.

Liz Wood

Thank you Jackie for my amazing reading yesterday. Spot on with so many things and even brought some things up never brought up before

I can’t recommend you enough… Thank you so much – wow!!

Get booked in for a reading and be blown away 

Louisa Ashforth

Skincare Expert, LA Skincare