reiki level 1 Online course

Usui Reiki Level 1 – the first step on your Reiki Journey 

Reiki Workshops with Jackie Frith 

Reiki is Unconditional Love ❤️ ❤️

Take the next step to progress on your Spiritual Journey 

By taking part in this Reiki Level 1 Online Course you will learn how to heal yourself and your family and friends 

I have been practising Reiki in Sheffield for over 14 years and have  a wealth of experience within the health and wellbeing industry. 

The group is always kept small and informal allowing everyone to receive individual attention.


Reiki Level 1 Online Course 

✅ The History of Reiki
✅ Reiki Principles
✅ Live Video Teaching 
✅ Live Meditation Classes 
✅Reiki Attunement to Level 1
✅ How the Chakras work with energy
✅ Live Q&A Sessions 
✅ Downloadable Manual
✅ Downloadable Certificate 
✅ Ongoing Support 
✅ Private Facebook Group 
✅ 4 Week Course 


Benefits of Reiki Level 1 Online Course

🌟Learn how to Self Heal
🌟It is a life changing healing system
🌟Helps the body to heal itself naturally
🌟Create balance in mind, body and spirit
🌟Improve your own health and wellbeing 
🌟Your Intuition will be more heightened
🌟Gain self awareness
🌟You will feel  more grounded 


So What is it All About?

You will access the course through units in a private Facebook Group


The teachings will be drip fed into the group over the 4 weeks of the course 


The course will run for 4 weeks and I will be active in the group to answer questions and do Live classes and Meditations. The group will remain open after 4 weeks so you can still have access to the classes and units 


You will receive your distant attunement at a set time that we arrange and is done on a 121 basis 




Why Work With Me?

I am a Down to Earth Reiki Master, Psychic Development Teacher and Spiritiual Warrior

I help women to tune into their psychic abilities and intuition and to dispel the myths of old about being psychic.  

By enabling women to look within to discover their true spiritual and intuitive self through support and guidance, that allows them to shine like they have never shone before and taking that light to cascade into all areas of their life. Creating confidence, connection, harmony and happiness in all things.

I have been where you are now, wondering how I can ever connect to my Intuition and Higher Self. I have been on my Journey of Discovery since 2004 and I am still learning as we can never know all there is to know.

I have been teaching Reiki Workshops in Sheffield for many years and teaching is my passion and where I shine the brightest and I have been lucky enough to teach some amazing people and set them forward onto their own Spiritual and Manifesting Road.

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A amazing lady and reiki teacher. Very supportive, patient and taught me so much. Definitely recommend and has become a lovely friend too.

Heidi Cooke

Spiritual Medium, Heidi Cooke

I recently completed level 1 Reiki with Jackie I can honestly say it's really opened my eyes and helped me to identify things I need to look at and change. I have so much energy the pain I used to have in my knees when standing has virtually gone I'm so much calmer in stressful situation . I can't wait to complete level 2 thank you so much xx

Diane McCormick

I would recommend this beautiful lady for any of your reiki experience. Jackie is a wonderful teacher who takes the time to make sure you understand everything and is always there to support during and after your reiki learning
Thank you Jackie for taking me on my journey of learning and understanding. You’re absolutely amazing xx

Anna Moulton

Spiritual Medium


I get that investing in this may be a scary thought for you as you may have never done anything like this before but I can assure you that if you are looking at this page and you have got this far down it then you are definitely on the right track. 



Do I watch the lives and complete course work to go with it?
Yes watch the live classes and the pre recorded videos and work through the manual

When completed do I receive a certificate to say I have completed the course ?
Yes you receive a certificate of completion

What do i need to do to complete the course?
Work through the units, watch the videos and complete 21 day self healing

Is there any written element of work to do?
No written work is required

What is the time commitment?

There is no definitive answer to the time commitment – you work through the manual and watch the the videos. You have 4 weeks to do this which is heaps of time. This is normally taught in 2 days 

Does the group close after 4 weeks?
The group will remain open for you to access the teachings and videos but I will not be active in the group after 4 weeks

Do I have to watch everything live?No it would be great if you can but everything is recorded

Are all lessons done live?
No there will be videos and presentations to run along side the live classes

Check out the FREEBIES you can get your hands on below 




Dive into some wonderful meditations to help you create a flow of abudance, meet your Guardian Angel and Open your heart for healing


A selection of videos for to watch around Spirituality, Angels and Law of Attraction



Embrace Your Intuition - Free Group

Come and join the tribe in our group which is super supportive and friendly. Take part in meditations, challenges and manifesting activities.