reiki level 2 online course

Usui Reiki  Practitioner Level – 4 Week Course

The next step on your Reiki Journey 

Reiki is Love 💜💜

This is the next stage of your Reiki journey and where you will develop a deeper understanding of this wonderful healing process.

Reiki Level 2 Online Workshop  Includes 

✅Learn 3 Reiki Symbols and there many uses
✅How to set up your own Reiki practise
✅Manifesting with Reiki
✅Distant Healing
✅Kotodama Mantras
✅Ethics of becoming a practitioner
✅Meditation and Reiki
✅ Ongoing Support 
✅ Live Zoom Classes 
 ✅ Private Facebook Group 


Benefits of Reiki Level 2

🌟A much stronger healing ability
🌟 A deeper understanding of Reiki
🌟You are qualified to use Reiki as a business
🌟The ability to heal more than one person at a time
🌟You can heal your past, present and future
🌟Your Intuition will be heightened
🌟Send distant healing anywhere in the World
🌟Create a healing list of people you want to send healing too on a regular basis
🌟Use the symbols to help with manifesting
🌟Be a more grounded person and healer


Why Work With Me?

I am a Down to Earth Reiki Master, Psychic Development Teacher and Spiritual Warrior with a kick ass driven attitude that will encourage you to be the BEST version of yourself with acceptance, ease and grace 

I help women to tune into their intuitive and Spiritual  gifts and to dispel the myths surrounding Spirituality    

By enabling women to go from Fear to Fearless and look within to discover their true power that allows them to shine like they have never shone before and taking that light to cascade into all areas of their life. Creating confidence, connection, harmony and happiness in all things.

I have been where you are now, wondering how I can ever connect to my Intuition and Higher Self. I have been on my Journey of Discovery since 2004 and I am still learning as we can never know all there is to know.

I have been teaching Reiki Workshops in Sheffield for many years and teaching is my passion and where I shine the brightest and I have been lucky enough to teach some amazing people and set them forward onto their own Spiritual and Manifesting Road.

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A amazing lady and reiki teacher. Very supportive, patient and taught me so much. Definitely recommend and has become a lovely friend too.

Heidi Cooke

Spiritual Medium, Heidi Cooke

I recently completed level 1 Reiki with Jackie I can honestly say it's really opened my eyes and helped me to identify things I need to look at and change. I have so much energy the pain I used to have in my knees when standing has virtually gone I'm so much calmer in stressful situation . I can't wait to complete level 2 thank you so much xx

Diane McCormick

I would recommend this beautiful lady for any of your reiki experience. Jackie is a wonderful teacher who takes the time to make sure you understand everything and is always there to support during and after your reiki learning
Thank you Jackie for taking me on my journey of learning and understanding. You’re absolutely amazing xx

Anna Moulton

Spiritual Medium


Dive into some wonderful meditations to help you create a flow of abudance, meet your Guardian Angel 


A selection of videos for to watch around Spirituality, Angels and Law of Attraction