My World changed dramatically on the 23rd August 2019 when my beautiful Westie boy Charlie went to doggy heaven. I was completely devastated and I still am, he was my everything and my reason for being here every day.

Unless you have had a pet who is part of your family then it is hard to explain what an impact they have on your life on a daily basis. I don’t have children so Charlie was my baby and he had been with me from being a few weeks old.


Charlie and Jackie on a photo shoot for Femail magazine

The pain I felt both physically and emotionally was like nothing I had ever experienced before, it felt like I could feel my heart breaking. I am crying as I write this post because it brings up so many feelings and thoughts about him.

I also said that I would never get another dog because I didn’t want to put myself through this amount of pain and heartache again. Everyone kept asking if I would get another dog and that it would help me to heal but I didn’t see it like that, for me I do some healing work from the inside not from the outside. I felt guilty if I started to think about other dogs and that somehow I would be betraying Charlie if I got one.


I used to get little signs all the time from Charlie so I knew he was always with me in Spirit, like pictures and photos of Westie dogs would just appear in places that you wouldn’t expect to see them.

I had a rotary dryer on the garden that Charlie always used to wee up, a few days after he died I went out to hang some washing and it collapsed on me, it had rotted where Charlie used to wee, it felt like he was telling me that it was no longer useful now that he wasn’t around.


Even though I had said that I didn’t want another dog I found myself looking at dog groups on Facebook and thinking about what sort of breeds I like. I am a small fluffy dog kinda gal and so I knew that was the sort I would get if I ever got another one, although at this point I was still convinced I wouldn’t get one. Dogs can be create a lot of restrictions in your life and can tie you down and this was something I was very much aware of.

I started to look at shihtzu dogs as they are so cute but also are one of the breeds who do not need a lot of exercise which was a bonus for me as I currently have a foot issue.

I was teaching Reiki Level 1 when two of my students said they had shihtzus, I took this as a sign and the following week one of them brought Dexter to the class and he was just so adorable and I fell in love with him.

Reiki Level 1 Workshop

After this I joined a few shihtzu dog groups and knew that if I ever did get another dog it would be a shihtzu.

Star 🌟

The Stars 🌟 aligned on the 23rd February 2020 which was the 6th month anniversary of Charlie going over the Rainbow Bridge.

I had been browsing websites looking for shihtzus and I put a post on Facebook about Charlie and that I had now decided it was time to get another dog but it had to be a girl as there was only one boy for me. I am going away to Whitby in March so it needed to be after I got back that I could get one. I even knew what I was going to call her – Star 🌟 as Charlie is a Star in the Sky.

That same afternoon which just happened to be a on New Moon which is all about New Beginnings I came across an advert for some puppies and 1 girl was left who was 2 coloured which is what I wanted. I then saw this photo and fell in love with her.

Star first photo of a puppy shihtzu

I got in contact with the breeder and she said she was still available so I arranged to go and see her the following night.

Even before I saw her I had been and bought a bed, puppy pads, tiny little harness and matching lead for her so I think I knew I was going to want to have her come live with me.

When I met her for the first time she was only 10 days old and hadn’t even opened her eyes yet Awwww she was so cute and she just laid on my lap for about 40 minutes and kept making these little squeaking noises. She was about the size of a hamster so you can imagine how tiny she was and just about filled my hand when she was in it.

I have been getting regular updates from the breeder every day and she has now opened her eyes properly. I will carry on writing a blog about her and posting lots of photos and videos for you to see

She comes to live with me on the 10th April and I can’t wait. If you have any puppy tips then please let me know as it is 14 years since I had a puppy.

Star has her very own instagram page too ⏩ Star Instagram

Jackie Frith