I wanted to talk to you today about Intuition. And what is Intuition? I often get asked, “Do I have Intuition?” Or people will say, sometimes “Oh, I don’t think I’ve got any Intuition.” We all have Intuition. It’s an innate part of us, but it’s just that not everybody is tuned into it quite as much what some people are.

It’s your gut feeling.

That’s kind of what it is, and I know, for quite a long time, that I tended to use my head to think about things and get answers to problems. So I would analytically view it and analyse the issue and the problem how to solve it, when really what I needed to do was think about it through my Intuition and my gut feeling.

One of the best ways to do this is, if you’ve got a decision to make, ask yourself a question but try to clear the mind and think about how you feel when you think about that question.

Does your body feel good? Does it react in a good way? Now, usually for me I tend to feel it right in the stomach. Some people feel it in the solar plexus, some people feel it in the sacral … It’s in between … It normally tends to be around the naval, the sacral area.

I get either a sick, kind of, feeling and then I know it’s not the right thing for me to do, or I get that kind of over excited butterfly type feeling, and then you know it’s a good decision.

What we have to understand, as well, is that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, so the Intuition is our spirit part of us. Some people refer to it as higher self. It’s the inner knowing. Sometimes when you have that feeling where you think “I know the answer to that,” or “I know something about something. I don’t actually know how I know.” It’s just an unconscious thought, and perhaps it’s where you’ve got decisions at work to make or in your relationships or to do with your house or your finances. But often you just have an inner knowing.

Sometimes we call it claircognizance. It’s, kind of, a knowing, but you don’t know how you know or where you know it’s come from. Often I tend to work very much clairaudiently as well, so I get thought coming into my head, but they’re in my own voice. So, sometimes, it’s quite hard to distinguish between whether it’s me … Is it spirit telling me something, or is it my Intuition? And now, I’m just like, “You know what? I don’t really need to analyse it, because that’s where the issues come in.” So, don’t analyse it. Just accept it when it comes in, and if it comes in and there hasn’t been any kind of … it just, literally, randomly comes into your head, that’s normally when your Intuition is kicking in. Or you know, you might walk into a room and instantly feel that it doesn’t feel right.


Your Intuition is really all about taking notice of how you feel about something, not what you think about something. So, we’re trying to get the mind out of the way, because it’s the mind that often controls us, and we think rather than we feel. So, what I’m trying to help people do is to get out of the head and get into the heart space. So, it’s about trusting your own gut instincts, trusting your Intuition, knowing when something feels right.

I know I’ve mentioned before, sort of, last year, there were certain things that happened to me where I was, kind of, doing things that probably went against my Intuition, but I talked myself out of it, because I was like, “No, no. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s all good. It’s all good. If I want to do it, I’ll do it. It’s not a problem.” But I knew deep down, I was going against my gut feeling, and then started to recognise how my Intuition feels. How it feels to get that gut feeling.

Once I started to do that, I ignored all of the thoughts that were whizzing around in my head, and I listened to how I was feeling. I tuned into my feelings, and my feelings were telling me something completely different to what my head was telling me. And I went with my feeling, and it was 100% the right thing to do.

Often we go with our gut feeling, and then somebody comes in and talks us out of it, and we’re like, “Oh, yeah, actually you’re probably right. You know, you’re probably” … So you go ahead and do something else. Maybe a few months, a year later down the line, things go a bit tits up, and then you think, “God, if only I’d have listened to myself when I first did it.”

And again, I found myself in that situation quite a few times. But it’s all part of my journey. It’s all part of my lesson, because the more we start listening and tuning into our Intuition, the easier life will become. But, obviously, this is life, and life is a journey, and we all have lessons to learn. One of the biggest lessons for me is to start tuning more into my Intuition and working with my Intuition, rather than listening to my over analytical thinking head, which, you know, a lot of you out there know, I’m a very deep thinker.

I will analyse things. I will make mountains out of mole hills. You know, and I will make something into such a drama that I stress myself out about it, whereas, actually, if I actually just sat down and went through a process of listening to how I’m feeling about it, noticing my body, and tuning out to all of the noise and the mind chatter and you know, the mind monkeys, tuning out of those and tuning into me, as Jackie, as my spirit being, as my higher self and listening to me, then I probably would be a bit further along my journey than what I am now. However, I’m also a believer in, we are in the right place, where we’re meant to be at this time on this journey. And yeah, so, that’s kind of what I wanted to just pop in and talk to you about Intuition. And what it is, how you can recognise it.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s good to use oracle cards, because sometimes if you’re using Angel Cards or Tarot cards or any kind of oracle cards, you can, if you’re doing this for yourself, focus on the card and look at what the card is saying to you, rather than not what your mind is thinking. So, it’s a good way of trying to get rid of that mind chatter. Please comment below if you’ve got anything that you want to say about Intuition and how it helps you.

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Love and Abundance 💜 Jackie xx