This is one of the most frequently asked questions and for some people the hardest to answer.

Reiki plainly and simply means Universal Life Force Energy. It has always existed but it wasn’t until Dr Makao Usui rediscovered it in the 1800 that it was given the name of Reiki

Rei  meaning Universal and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. You will find various different wording and interpretations on the internet but fundamentally it means Universal Life Force Energy.

So what does this actually mean?

As everything in the Universe including us as human beings are made up of energy, Reiki is a channeled form of this very same energy.

It is the higher self connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things.

Universal energy gives life to every living thing. The Japanese call this energy Ki, Chinese call it Chi, Asian cultures call it Prana and the Western World look upon it as Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost.

When someone is Attuned to Reiki by a Certified Reiki Master like myself they have the ability to develop and enhance the flow of this energy in and around the body.

This life giving energy is a Gift from God and it is your divine birthright to use it daily.

When you think what happens when a child falls and hurts their leg they will automatically place their hands on it to make it feel better, likewise a parent will do the same.  This is an exchange of the energy the parent being the giver and the child being the receiver.

Reiki can be a hands on or hands off treatment and it works on the mind, body and spirit by stimulating a persons own natural healing abilities. It helps to clear the blocked emotions and physical elements from a person.

Reiki Can Help To : 

  • Detox the body
  • Improve health and well being
  • Release negative emotions
  • Calm the mind and restore peace
  • Release tension and stress
  • Accelerate natural healing
  • Alleviate insomnia

I myself have been Attuned to Reiki since 2006 and became a Reiki Master in 2013 and have Attuned many people since to this wonderful healing practise.

I have regular clients who come to me who I have helped with both physical and emotional issues.

Below is a testimonial from one of my regular clients:

“I have visited Jackie regularly for the past 8 months as often as weekly. She is amazing, after seeing her I have the best nights sleep EVER! I literally am the worlds worst sleeper but after seeing Jackie I can sleep for 18 hrs easily! She has also helped me with soooo many other things, painful knees and neck and back problems, most I have suffered with for many years and after Reiki with Jackie it’s like magic and they seem to disappear! The most recent thing Jackie has helped me with is having a continuous blocked nose and sinuses, I tried all the over the counter medications and none work, then had reiki and it’s gone literally in the same day and hasn’t come back! It really is fantastic and I would recommend Jackie to everybody, it’s really been a lifesaver after being off work for 6 months with stress, it’s so relaxing! Jackie is so warm, welcoming and wonderful and really does care and listen! Everyone should pay her a visit”

Becoming Attuned to Reiki

Should you decide that you would like to be able to practice Reiki for self-healing or for your family and friends you won’t be disappointed. Once you have been Attuned to Reiki it stays with you for life, even if you don’t practice it for a few years.

One of my Reiki 1 students stopped having to use Antihistamines for an allergy after doing the 21 day self-healing that is required with Reiki 1.

Another one saw a cyst near her ovaries the size of a pineapple disappear and healing herself every day for 21 days and beyond.

There are 3 levels to Reiki:

Reiki 1 – To heal self and family and friends

Reiki 2 – Practitioner level

Reiki 3 – Master and Teacher level

If you would like to find out more about Reiki or book an Appointment then please contact me on Tel: 07736 302824

Love & Light

Jackie xx