Why letting go is the key to everything

Some of you who know me well will know that I am a bit of a control freak, well ok not just a bit but a lot!! I admit it

However I do know that this is one the biggest lessons I have to learn while I am experiencing life in a human body, somewhere in a past life I probably experienced life on the other side of a control freak and now in this lifetime I have to experience it as the controller so that I can learn how to let go and be free from the ties of it.

Have you heard the saying “Let Go and Let God”?

Where does the need to control come from? It could be a defence mechanism and maybe one that you learnt as a child to protect yourself from other people -your parents, bullies at school, teachers or a sibling

It is part of the perfectionist traits that no doubt people who are controlling have and will display in numerous way. No-one can do it as well as you can so you might as well just do it yourself.

Sound familiar ?

Nothing is ever good enough for you, you know you could have done it better

The berating yourself when something didn’t quite go to plan or went wrong

Very rarely congratulating yourself when you have done something good and achieved something

The need to control your life on all levels comes from FEAR based thinking and does not come from LOVE

When we think about this around the Law of Attraction we are often told to put out to the Universe what we want to bring into our lives and then to LET IT GO

This is my most successful way of manifesting, send out the thought and then let it go and do not put pressure on myself to make it happen. Of course this sometimes depends on what it is I am trying to manifest and how important it is to my life

Fundamentally  when we find the need to control every aspect of our lives and the people around us it comes back to SELF and the FEAR of “Not Being Good Enough”

Not everyone will like reading that because the Truth can hurt sometimes but this is so true and the more you start digging around your own stories and what you tell yourself you will begin to realise that this is where it stems from

So I am here to tell you,




This is a work in progress for me and it is a huge lesson to learn but one that I am all in for finding out about and doing the inner work to conquer it.I don’t expect it to go away 100% as we are after all human beings and we are always a work in progress and ever evolving towards our true spirit essence

However to Start on this path of unlearning and destroying old habits you first have to admit that you have something to work on, that you have lessons to learn and some things are no longer serving you

Are you ready?

Would love to get your thoughts on this

Jackie Frith