I talk to a lot of my clients and students about Manifesting and the different techniques that you can use. However before you even think about the techniques you are going to use, you need to make sure that what you are asking for is Specific enough. 

Asking the Universe to bring you more money is like saying “At the moment I earn £500 a week but I want more” so the Universe delivers £501 a week. You see what happened there?

Yes the Universe delivered more money but did you really only want £1 a week more?

This is where most people fail when they are trying to manifest things for themselves, whether it is a material object or something on a more personal heartfelt basis.

If you want to earn a certain amount of cash then ask for the amount of cash that you are wanting to Manifest. I know that a lot of people feel very uncomfortable about asking for money as they feel that for some reason this is a bad thing to ask for. Why?? Well different reasons for different people.

One’s I hear are
“I am spiritual so I can’t earn loads of money”
” I should be healing for Free not charging for it”
” I am just not the sort of person who earns loads of money”
” Money does not make you happy”

The list goes on and on – Sound Familiar? Ring any bells?

My suggestion would be to not Focus on the Money but to Focus on what you will do with the money. 

“My Intention is to earn enough money this month so that I can book a holiday so that I can recharge my batteries”
“My Intention is to earn at least £2000 a month so that I can pay off my credit card bill in full”
“My Intention is to earn more than enough money this month which will allow me to pay a Virtual Assistant to help me with my Awesome Business”

You get the Picture?

So go on get Manifesting