I’m jackie frith 

Free Spirit Intuitive 

Releasing the Magic Within

Welcome to this intuitive, healing and and supportive space that I like to think of as your sanctuary

If you are reading this then it is no coincidence. You were guided here by your intuition and higher calling.

Here you will find your Intuitive Life Accelerator

Where you will move beyond the place in which you have become stuck and become empowered to achieve whatever makes your heart sing because you deserve to have a life full of abundance 

You are now ready to get in touch with your soul and work to bring the magic alive

Do you feel that there is more to life than you currently have?

Are you yearning to open up spiritually?

Does the thought of being more intuitive fascinate you?

Do you long for some focus, clarity and direction?

Journey of Discovery Call

We work together on “Your Stuff” and we get to the real nitty gritty of how you would like your life to look and feel because then we can make the Magic happen

Intuitive Life Accelerator

VIP Bespoke Package of 6 calls tailored just for you to supercharge your life on all levels. 

Releasing the Magic Within

Coming Soon….Introductory Group Signature Programme 

 Are you ready to take Action?

Then let’s see how working with me can help you move through and come out the other side while Releasing the Magic Within.

About Me

I like to class myself as a Free Spirit Intuitive, which basically means I am in touch with my soul and my spirit therefore I can understand what you are seeking. 


I help YOU develop your unique intuitive gift and listen to what your gut feeling is telling you. Through various different modalities I enable you to get out of your head and into your heart space and see beyond the physical body. 



Had my level one usui reiki healing course and to say the very least it was a positive experience and a definate life changer soon to be doing my level two and will recommend to anyone as Jackie is so amazing and accommodating and also a powerful healer and a top of the range teacher /master

Kevin Burke

Jackie delivered a fantastic Manifesting Abundance session using Guided Visualisations at the MOTUS Women Entrepreneurs Network, Business & Wellbeing Retreat in Nov which everyone found really beneficial in providing a focus to achieving their future goals. A very relaxing but stimulating experience at the same time and we look forward to working with Jackie on more guided visualisations in the future.

Amanda Mcconnell

Brand Photographer, Amanda McConnell, Brand Photographer

Thank you Jackie for my amazing reading yesterday. Spot on with so many things and even brought some things up never brought up before

I can’t recommend you enough… Thank you so much – wow!!

Get booked in for a 1-2-1 and be blown away

Louisa Ashforth

Owner, LA Skincare

☸️ ☸️ ☸️ ☸️

My passion is about helping women to truly understand what it means to access the deep innate healing ability that you were born with but may not yet have been able to develop.

I’m a facilitator, if you like, to your spiritual freedom and enlightened path because I know I was destined to help women like you and me. 

I have created a wonderful private space called Embrace Your Feminine for women to share their spiritual, healing and feminine journey. Come and join us we are super supportive and very friendly

☸️ ☸️ ☸️ ☸️

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