Money is SO the Route of all Evil!!
The Rich get rich and the poor get poorer
Money doesn’t grow on trees is another classic

Isnt that what you were told when you were younger?
Maybe from your parents or school teachers or just the people who you surrounded yourself with on a regular basis
These beliefs are told to us at such an early age that we then make them our own belief and our own truth.
It isn’t your parents fault as this is what they were told when they were young and their parents before that.
They say your beliefs are formed up to the age of about 9 years old and then they are with you for life unless you make an effort to change them to something more positive.
So what are your current beliefs around money?
Do you draw money to you?
Or as soon as you have it does it go out again?
If you are the latter then you will no doubt have some concerns and beliefs around your Money Story.
So the question is: What can you do about it?

Well the good news is no matter what your beliefs are now, these can be changed with some work on your side.
You have start with making a real commitment to changing your beliefs about money. Understand and recognise that money is an exchange of energy from one thing to another.
There is an old saying that “Money doesn’t buy you happiness” and in a way that is true as true happiness comes from within but what money does do is give you a better quality of life and it gives you CHOICES.


  • It will allow you help other people like your family or your favourite charity
  • Improve your skills by affording you to go on courses and workshops
  • Broadens your horizons by allowing you to travel to wonderous places all over the world
  • Bring the fun element into your life by having a fabulous social life
  • BUT most of all it brings you peace of mind

I recommend that you follow the Wealth Chef Ann Wilson’s 12 keys to your wealth vault. I guarantee it will make you start to think about money in a different light.
Don’t focus on the money you are wanting to bring into your life, start to focus on the end result – as in what will you do with the money once you receive it?
How will it make you feel? What will you be doing? Who will you be helping? Create a real positive feeling when you are doing this exercise.

Use the Creative Visualisation Techniques 
You can also say Money Affirmations:
Money Flows To Me Easily
I am a Money Magnet
I have more than enough Money
Or find one that resonates with you
So my challenge to you now is to change your Money Story and embrace all that money can bring you in your life rather than looking at what the lack of it does

I would love to know your thoughts on this

Love & Light

Jackie x